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Web Hosting Platform – Important Decision For Your New Business

Every single entrepreneur who has decided to swim in the web hosting waters has faced a dilemma – which one of the hosting platforms to choose and whether to upgrade to the next level of services or not. When you first start your hosting business, you will have to choose between 3 possibilities – to buy a reseller account, a VPS (virtual private server) or dedicated server. It will be best if you just opt for a reseller account with one of the numerous reseller hosting providers.

To Immediately start with VPS or dedicated server isn’t really recommended, unless you have already built a significant number of clients and have a substantial knowledge about web servers. On the other hand, If you have just started your business, VPS or dedicated hosting are simply too expensive solutions, which wouldn’t pay out at the end of a business year when you yet need to work on amassing your clients’ base.


Reseller hosting account will best meet your needs at this stage so you should stick with it. You will need to choose among several types of reseller hosting accounts that are available on the market today – cPanel/WHM, HSphere or turn-key hosting reseller account.


Cpanel account is among the most commonly used ones because of its great functionality and user-friendly navigation. It does suffer from a minor drawback though, namely Windows server is not yet supported, although this feature is announced in the sizable future.


Cpanel/WHM offers detailed and efficient troubleshooting solutions if there happen to be any issues. To make the matters even better, this hosting control panel system is so widely popular that you can simply Google-out the solution for virtually any problem or dilemma you encounter. Due to its popularity, there is also a great number of third-party applications designed exclusively to support this platform.


You might want to consider this when choosing the right reseller hosting provider and opt for a reputable and reliable company that offers cPanel/WHM solution. As your whole business is going to depend of that choice, you shouldn’t put the price as your first criteria. Look for the quality first and only then for the affordability.

HSphere is considered as a more exclusive and complicated solution, where you will not be able to troubleshoot problems by yourself without a technician’s help. However, HSphere supports Windows based servers (and not only Unix/Linux based ones) as well as more advanced hosting configurations. Still, if you are not specially requiring Windows server support, it is better that you stay with cPanel.

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